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Career Services

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Career & Major Exploration 

Career Services uses the Career Development Path approach to lead you toward the career that is right for you. We offer guidelines and steps for each path to help every student reach their career and educational goals. 

We're Here to Help!

Develop Materials

Build Strong Job Materials

Search for a Job

Navigate Career Opportunities

Be Interview Ready

Conquer Your Interview

Looking for an On-Campus Internship?

InternOSU provides opportunities to students who will be most significantly impacted by an internship experience. Applications are open until April 1.

Expand Your Network

Connect with Campus & Industry
Networking is a great way to meet other professionals in your field and allows you to meet peers, mentors and potential employers. 

Celebrate Your Success

Share your post-graduation journey by completing the First Destination Survey. Your responses will be reported with the rest of your graduating class and inspire future graduates.

Additional Resources

We recognize some students and alumni have a more unique, professional journey that requires more in-depth resources. Engage with relevant material and content to help you grow professionally.
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